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"I was lucky to have Chad work on my case. He was professional and I was very pleased with the great divorce settlement he negotiated for me."

"A note of appreciation to you Stacey for providing me the help that you have. I know I need it and feel comfortable and at ease with your professionalism and abilities to help me on my divorce."

"The cross examination Hailey prepared discredited the government's witnesses, and her trial strategy directly resulted in a full acquittal."

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Child Custody disputes are one of the major concerns of family law. The court’s main concern in deciding on such disputes is the welfare of the child. Upbringing has a major effect on how a person would become as an adult and a child being left in the care of the wrong party may have its consequences.

There are a number of possible scenarios in which a Utah child custody lawyer may be needed during a child custody dispute.

Our Utah Custody Lawyers are Experts in the Following Areas:

Let Schmidt and Gladstone’s custody lawyers help you during and through a child custody dispute. Call 801-895-3113 or visit our contact page for more information on how to reach us.

Author: Stacey Schmidt